Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Ofqual / Ofsted / Resuscitation Council compliant?

All our Accredited Courses meet the relevant requirements of Ofqual, Ofsted, comply with the Resuscitation Council guidelines and are aligned to the national QCF framework.

How long does it take to get my certificate?

As a regulated training company, your Accredited Certificate can take 5-10 working days to be with you, due to the requirements of our quality control procedures. We can offer Certificates of Attendance for any session attended, which are non-regulated.

How do I book / pay for a course?

All our courses are available to purchase online here, however if you wish to check our last minute availability or discuss any questions/queries with us, please call us on 0333 022 0999 and we’re happy to help.

Do your trainers/instructors get CRB/DBS checked?

Yes, at minimum all of our staff carry a current Standard DBS check. Many work directly in the NHS, or volunteer with health charities, and therefore carry Enhanced DBS checks due to the nature of the work they carry out away from Impulse First Aid. 

What qualifications do the trainers/instructors have to enable them to teach?

All our lead instructors on each course are qualified with a minimum of the Level 3 Award in Eduction & Training as well as any relevant medical training, usually a minimum of a 3 day First Aid at Work. However, many of our instructors have medical qualifications in excess of these requirements as they are live operational staff/volunteers with the NHS or other medical organisations (e.g. nurses).

We do use additional staff for demonstrations with groups where we wish to ensure activities and engagement are used to the best of potential, these staff are not always trained instructors, they do receive our in-house training prior to any session they work with a lead instructor to deliver. 

How long is my certificate valid for?

Your certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue (printed on the certificate).

We offer an Annual Refresher course to give you the confidence that your knowledge and skills are up to date.

Please note that AED certification is only valid for one year from the date of issue.

I'm not able to kneel on the floor, can I come to your course?

Yes, of course. We will always make what adjustments we can for any student to be comfortable & safe whilst learning with us. We can usually adapt the practical elements for you, once we understand what your concerns are. 

Please note that if you are doing a regulated course the HSE require that we observe you undertaking full CPR on the floor as otherwise we are only able to issue a modified certificate excluding the practical elements.  

What should I wear when I attend a course?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing. 

Ideally we suggest that you do not wear a skirt or dress due to the requirements of participation and the variety of positions you can be placed in during the essential practical elements of our training.

It is likely that you will also be asked to remove your shoes, so you please ensure that you have socks on.

Why should I use you, rather than St Johns or the Red Cross?

Impulse First Aid is owned and run by active First Responders working directly with the NHS Ambulance Service. Our business is fully regulated and approved through First Aid Awards, meaning we meet all the requirements of Ofqual and Ofsted.

Our trainers are highly qualified Medical, Health and Emergency Services Professionals who use their skills on a regular basis and are highly experienced and proficient first aid trainers.

Our courses are extremely practical and held in small groups so that everyone can receive individual attention to ensure you feel confident coping with a medical emergency.

We have a variety of manikins and practical resources available, so you won’t be waiting around for others to finish and we are happy to teach adult, baby and child first aid on any of the courses. We also have a qCPR Manikin available to us which provide instant feedback through a digital tablet on your CPR skills.

All our courses comply with the very latest Resuscitation Council Guidelines. Our EFAW courses include more content than many training businesses cover as we teach items in addition to the full HSE syllabus.